Level 1 Tomorrow!

Level 1 Tomorrow!

Well done Everyone! Level 1 tomorrow!

After 8 weeks with no market, and 3 weeks of restricted opening, we welcome the move to Level 1 and the reinstatement of the full Gisborne Farmers Market experience!

All entrances will be open again, with no restrictions. Live music, seating and the EFTPOS, information and merchandise stall will all be back. Time to come back for all of your fresh Gisborne produce, artisan food, breakfast, coffee and juice.

GuestHQ is still active for those that wish to log their visit.

We hope a few more vendors will be able to return as well…. Keep an eye out here on Friday for the full confirmed list.

The vendors and organisers want to thank you all again for your support of our small local businesses throughout the lockdown and subsequent reopening,